☺︎ Hello! It’s me, 


Who might have already been known as ‘jarinpat’. I was born under the starsign ‘Scorpio’ in 1996 (and maybe that’s the reason why I am like this). I was born in a small city ‘Thapsakae’ in Thailand, with a red mark on my neck that makes everyone think it was a kiss mark from guys, spent so much time explained that and proof that to everyone I have ever met. I have two mothers and three fathers and one sister that I adore so much. They are such a big part of my life. they are whom I love the most, and I would never be here writing this blog without them, so I am here hornouring them all for raised and shaped me to become this person that I’m very proud of. I have been through so much at this age, believe it or not. I had been through many schools, living and visiting in many places and being in many relationships. But this point of my life where I am now the happiest girl. Thanks to my family, few friends, and especially “A” who is the greatest motivation and inspiration.