inspired girl : Brigette Bardot


The Glamorous French Iconic is one of our inspired girl, French actress Brigitte Bardot, a remarkable fashion icon since the 1950s to 1970s

More than decades later, women around the world are still inspiring by her personal style, we are still aspired to look exactly like her, and the trends she started since then—everything from the bombshell bikini to the "Bardot neckline"—continue to have an enduring impact on fashion and at Patricia Studio as well. We created a Bardot Neckline dress called "Brigitte Bardot" as an accolade to her.      

"We have to admit the fact that sometimes the sexiest outfits are the most simple."

Bardot proved her sex appeal ain't depending entirely breasts and ass. French woman knows how to make everything from white shirt and denim to a full-length skirt or even working suits become the sexiest look ever. And these are just some of looks from Brigitte Bardot, one thing we have in common is the art of simplifying that make us look effortless yet sexy.