Patricia,  A young enterprising woman who has just moved to Paris not so long born with multiple styles inspired by vintage, and whose style has been adorn so many times.  Patricia is introducing her first collection "L'essentiel" reflecting her own unique personality her style, which is elegant, sophisticated, feminine, wild, fun yet sensual. The collection bringing the importance of woman figure and the nostalgia of the old time style; Mainly Silhouetted Dresses, Mini Dresses, Pencil Skirts, Jumpsuits and her favourite accessories they are all developed and re-designed from her personal must have pieces within her own closet. Patricia sees 'Patricia Studio' as her collective closet. For her it is a great opportunity to grow herself in to her dream career's field. Besides, Patricia Studio is also an accolade to every woman who have inspired her: "I’ve always been passionate about women, since I always surrounded by so many confident women with strong personality, my mothers, my teachers, my friends, my aunties. I've been influenced by them a lot, as they are having different style which is very characteristic, especially my mother, everything she told me to wear are always been adored by others and always bringing something back from the vintage era -  my looks  in general must be very feminine, elegant but 'VERY VERY'effortless, after that, I only put a smile, a lot of smiles.  So my family smile, my friend smile, people around me smile."