The Sibylline Necklace
The Sibylline Necklace
The Sibylline Necklace

The Sibylline Necklace

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1590 THB

A Jet stone is a powerful protective stone that facilitates the release of stress & anxiety, anger, fear, grief and even depression. It draws out negative energies and emotions to help alleviate and dispel these feelings.

A Jet Stone is a natural, organic, fossilized wood that has been long considered one of the most powerful healing stones to help alleviate grief. Jet stones facilitate the release of anger, fear, grief and feelings of depression, bringing them to the surface, and forcing you to deal with them, so you can begin healing. They work similar to an energetic filter, which is why it is so helpful for those experiencing an overabundance of negative energies and emotions. Jet stones are also particularly helpful for anyone who is in their first trimester of pregnancy. During this time period, women often experience fear, anxiety and stress about possibly having a miscarriage or something being wrong with the baby. Holding and meditating with jet stones can help to alleviate these feelings of fear and anxiety.

Another jet stone meaning is that it is a powerful protective stone to ward off negative energy. Use your jet stone to neutralize negative energies; just holding it will help clear negative vibrations.


  • ‘Black Onyx gemstone pendant in emerald cut from Africa Gems | grade triple A
  • Length : Adjustable from 40-50CM
  • Color : Beige Gold
  • delivery in designer’s gift wrapping


  • Material Composition : 33% Gold pleated on  925 Silver


  • Package Weight: 150g
  • Package Size: 30cm  x 15cm x 3cm
  • Delivery Guarantee within 12 business days 
"Ps. This products has been "vintage" treated. It may have marks, scratches or discoloration.  Please know this before buying that no jewellery is perfect but each is unique, that is the charm of our vintage treated pieces."