Monte Carlo | Hotel De Paris

Mid July, 2018
We're so crazy about the movie 'Monte Carlo' (2011), Leading by actress and singer 'Selena Gomez' who was Grace in the movie, she was misunderstood that she was The Princess, because of the similarity of her face to the princess, and that took her and her best friends to Monte Carlo, Hotel de Paris. So little you know, her room suit in the movie cost 46,000 euros, per night. What do you expect, of course we could not afford that sort of room but somehow we've managed to stay there anyway, in a tiny room for three people with two people reservation. I was so fascinated by the decoration everywhere, from the Hotel's entrance to the balcony of the room.
We travelled by Train from Paris Gare du Lyon, for 5 Hours to Monte Carlo, that was exhausting. The city was very beautiful, colourful, and clean. I was wearing Matilda Jumpsuit on the Arrival day
We left Paris at 7 am and we almost miss the train, I was wearing heel just like in the picture attached. First, we went to wrong train station but for the love of god, we left home a bit early so we had time to move our asses to the right one 'Gare du Lyon.' We arrive at the exactly departing time. We got into whichever couch, and so we rest a bit then started to move ourself to our seats.

We get the room around 2PM, so we started to chill a little bit before heading to the Private Beach at Monte Carlo Cabana Beach Club. We get there by the shuttle bus offered by the hotel. It's funny because when we arrived, we didn't have to say much or proving our right to use the space. We did just saying 'we are from Hotel De Paris, that's all.
We spent so much time taking pictures for each other, especially Esperanza. The Back picture, literally the picture of Esperanza from behind...  We had around 500 same pose images of her! hahahaha Nicha really wanted to unsubscribed this friendship I swear, I could see through this pair of beautiful yet exhausted eyes. lol Poor baby, Nicha, but you are a really good photographer...

Well, I didnt get as many shots as Esper but i'm good, I mean, I had got like a sec to lay myself down underneathe the sun, I had my feet, may hair and body sinked this Mediterranean sea.

Well at least...

After we had dinner, the sky was still clear so we, decided to go wandering around and take some more pictures! Honestly, we all were so tired and wanting to sleep hahahaha. 


And then Good night !

Kiss kiss ! ;3