How to install the filters from your device

You will receive an email looking like THIS
You go Click on the suggestion which is state clearly “files”
Once, you click it will redirect you to this another window on your phone (use Safari for browsing)
Your window should look like this and then you click “Open in files”. if it is doesn’t show up click “More” 
then there will be a pop-up like this and you need to click “Save to files”
And then after this, you will be redirected to this page
It is about where do you want t save your files.
Actually, it doesn’t matter but you need to remember where is it. 
After that, you need to go search for this Basic Apple Application which all iPhone have.
Once you open the “Files” application, you will see the list
  • iCloud Drive
  • On My iPhone
  • (or) Recently Deleted
It really depends on where did you save your files.
in this example, it’s saved “On My iPhone” in the “Pixelmator” folder
Click on the folder and it will show this
Then you click Preview Content
You will see that it consists of 7 sub-files in total
You have to install each file one by one to the application by click on the blue button on the bottom left. 
There will be a window pop-up
Click “Copy to Afterlight” 
Then you will be redirected to the application and it will show like this on your screen
and do the same for the rest.
After you installed all the filters you can find it here 
and then… 
Yes! that’s all! seem hard but actually so easy!